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Wyeth Pursues Plastic Neutrality with PCEx

Wyeth Nutrition commits to Plastic Neutrality by 2021

Wyeth Nutrition, maker of Promil Four, Promil Gold Four, and Bonakid Pre-School 3+ milk products, continues to pioneer not just nutritional advancements, but also environmental commitments. As such, the company is now undertaking efforts to ensure it takes full accountability for its plastic footprint by pursuing Plastic Neutral Certification through the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx).

By signing up to go Plastic Neutral for its entire product portfolio, Wyeth Nutrition joins a global movement of businesses that have pledged to take bold and effective action by offsetting as much plastic as they have generated in their last year of operations, with a commitment to continue offsetting for at least the next two years.

Wyeth Nutrition is also committed to nourishing healthier tomorrows of Filipino children by ensuring that they grow up in a thriving and healthy environment.

Wyeth Nutrition actively participates in endeavors that create shared value for society, and promotes policies that support environmental sustainability. In 2016, the company took proactive measures to preserve the environment by shifting to a clean and renewable source to power its world-class plant in Canlubang, Laguna. In September 2019, Wyeth together with the Clean Our Oceans Project kickstarted their efforts against plastic waste by stopping over 600 kilograms of ocean bound plastic.

Today, Wyeth Nutrition accelerates its climate action by tapping PCEx. Miko Acuna, E-Business, Communications and Digital Marketing Director at Wyeth Nutrition, said, “Today Wyeth Nutrition starts its work with PCEx in accelerating its climate action. Wyeth Nutrition believes in nourishing healthier tomorrows for Filipino children and families, and this partnership ensures that we do so not just through the products we produce, but also in the way we operate as a company.”

Nanette Medved-Po, Founder and Chairwoman at PCEX, said “Offsetting a company’s plastic footprint is a bold step to reduce environmental impact. We look forward to making that commitment simpler for companies like Wyeth Nutrition.”

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