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PCX Celebrates Women's Month

In commemoration of Women’s Month last March, Plastic Credit Exchange released a 7-part series featuring the women entrepreneurs of Aling Tindera, a waste-to-cash program run by our partner HOPE.

The Aling Tindera program engages more than 100 women entrepreneurs in the City of Manila and even more locations around the Metro Manila area. Click on the links below to read their powerful stories:

👏 Aling Lorme:

👍 Aling Evelyn:

👊 Aling Rosa:

👋 Aling Marita:

🤝 Aling Alma:

😄 Aling Marvy:

💪 Aling Grace:

Programs like Aling Tindera are run by our verified and 3rd party audited project partners, making both an environmental and socio-economic impact by working with communities on the ground.

Visit this post on PCX's LinkedIn page here.


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