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Updated Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard

The latest update of the ‘Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard’, formerly the ‘Plastic Neutral Pact’ was released today, to reflect best practice developments in industry and policy.

Recent decades have seen a rapid pace in the development and adoption of new technologies. The Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) recognizes this, so to guarantee it is able to provide a framework that caters to the call of the times, the Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard (PPRS) is periodically updated to improve plastic neutrality and plastic crediting certification.

The key update to the PPRS is that it underscores the need for companies to adopt comprehensive strategies to address their entire plastic footprint. The plastic crediting and plastic neutrality measures offered by PCX must not be a company’s only tactic but rather form part of a solution set which includes meaningful efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic in their supply chains.

A second addition to the PPRS are guidelines for the accreditation of operations partners (i.e. plastic waste aggregators and processors) prior to becoming part of the PCX network both domestically and overseas. PCX vets all its partners to ensure they comply with local regulations and with international industry best practices. This is one of the guiding principles of the PPRS.

Finally, the updated PPRS details the breakdown of plastic offsetting costs, which have been recalibrated to include investments in information and education campaigns to assist in behavioral change, plastic waste collection infrastructure to connect underserved communities , and negative tonnage which refers to the act of cleaning up historical plastic debt accumulated in nature.

Meg Anne Santos, Sustainability Campaign Manager at PCX, said: “Over the past year, Plastic Credit Exchange has welcomed SM Supermalls, Colgate-Palmolive, and USAID in addition to existing partners PepsiCo, Wyeth, NutriAsia, and Century Pacific, among others, in taking bold action against plastic pollution through plastic neutral certification or plastic offsetting operations. We’re confident that the Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard will continue to guide plastic waste reduction for more companies globally.”

View the latest Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard in PDF form here.

Visit this article on PCX's website here.


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