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United States Congress Delegates Express Support for HOPE's Aling Tindera Program

PCX project partner HOPE welcomed representatives from the United States congress last August 18, 2022, during a delegation visit to the Philippines.

Through the invitation of the United States Agency for International Development or USAID Philippines Mission, the representatives toured an area of HOPE’s Aling Tindera program in Metro Manila as part of their visit to the country. Esteemed guests from the Congressional Delegation included Senator Edward Markey, Congressman Alan Lowenthal, Congressman John Garamendi, Congressman Don Beyer, and Congresswoman Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen. The delegates were warmly welcomed by Doris Magsaysay-Ho (HOPE Board of Director), Rebekah Eubanks (USAID Deputy Mission Director), and the community of Brgy. 598, Santa Mesa, Manila City. Deputy Chief of Mission Heather Variava also attended as a representative of the U.S. Embassy.

Senator Edward Markey highlighted how the program benefits everyone involved: “The oceans are choking on plastics… You have figured out a way to recycle that rewards everyone who is a part of the process, and it’s something that isn’t just applicable to the Philippines–this can be used anywhere, including the U.S. It’s a business that the aunties (Aling Tinderas) are leading. They are entrepreneurs and they not only do well for themselves but they do good for the environment, so it’s an inspirational program.”

HOPE’s Aling Tindera is a plastic waste-to-cash program that provides incremental income to underserved communities while encouraging behavioral change in their plastic waste management. The delegation was given a glimpse into the project’s fieldwork demonstrated by Aling Lorme and Aling Socorro, two women micro-entrepreneurs who manage collection sites–from accepting post-consumer plastic, record-keeping, to baling and storing at the repurposed container vans. The tour also highlighted the importance of the program in diverting plastic away from the river, Manila Bay, and the ocean.

Through USAID’s #CleanCitiesBlueOcean project, the U.S. currently supports 10 of the program's plastic waste drop-off areas.

California representative Congressman John Garamendi noted how the project closes the loop on post-consumer waste: “In California, we’ve been working on plastics for a long time and our problem is, how do we develop a financial incentive so that people will recycle? Right now, if you’re going to get a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola there's a five-cent fee, but the other end is not complete. What you've done here is complete the entire process and I want to congratulate you. We’re going to learn about this and we’re going to take this back home.”

HOPE is an impact organization that has been recognized as Best for the World™ B Corp for the fourth consecutive year. HOPE commits 100% of its profits to investments in social good which include education, livelihood, and the environment. To date, HOPE has cleaned up over 32 million kilos of plastic waste in partnership with PCX.

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