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Plastic Credit Exchange Announces Rebrand

PCX refreshes its identity while staying loyal to its mission, calling for a movement to divert plastic waste away from nature.

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX), the world’s first global, non-profit, fully integrated plastic offset platform, today announced a major rebranding to reflect their global reach and expanded services. Its new logo, comprised of two elements, should spark a feeling of ‘calling to action’. Two arrows and the space within forming a neutral symbol is meant to signify what PCX and its stakeholders are trying to achieve: Plastic Neutrality.

Unveiling its new logo, PCX stated: “Our mission to enable the circular economy and reduce plastic waste in the environment has never been more relevant than it is today. We do this best when we inspire a movement– which, represented by our new mark– will unite champions from different sectors to advance a plastic waste-free world,” shared Nanette Medved-Po, founder and chairperson of PCX.

Zero Studios (Zero), the New York-based creative agency that designed the visual identity for last year’s US Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, oversaw the PCX rebrand. The two companies worked together for months, engaging colleagues, clients, and the wider community in creating the new logo.

Joseph Delaney, co-founder and managing director at Zero, said “We’ve got 80 years of plastic waste to clean up. We’re excited to be working with PCX to help mobilize the planet.” The firm’s co-founder and creative director Mark Goldwell added, “The world has a huge plastic waste problem and we knew we wanted to do something to take action. We’re inspired by the work PCX is doing.”

For his part, Nate Bruzdzinski revealed the inspiration behind the branding. The design director at Zero said, “With the goal of starting a movement, there’s power in simplicity. We wanted to create a symbol that felt familiar and subtly spoke to the story of PCX, while being simple enough to act as a platform for both brands and consumers to add their voice and make it their own as well.”

“Our logo has changed. The impact you can expect from us has not. We will continue to share our knowledge and be part of a solution set to the complex environmental challenges of plastic pollution,” said Medved-Po.

A key milestone in its journey towards sustainable growth, the PCX rebrand transition begins immediately and through 2021. PCX added it would later this year be launching a new website that better reflects the why and how of its mission and give its partners additional features to seamlessly deliver on their neutrality commitments.

Visit this article on PCX's website here.

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