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PepsiCo Philippines Commits to Plastic Neutrality Through PCEx

PepsiCo Philippines has announced its plan to make 100 percent of its Food Business plastic neutral by the end of 2020. The maker of Quaker Oats and well-loved snacks like Lay’s, Cheetos, and Doritos will recover 100% of its single-use plastic packaging for the year 2020 via Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx).

The makers of well-loved snack brands like Cheetos, Ruffles, and Lay’s announced its plans to go plastic neutral via Plastic Credit Exchange. Photo courtesy of PepsiCo.

PepsiCo PH has been contributing to corporate sustainability efforts since 2014, having diverted tons of solid waste from landfills through ‘material lightweighting’ or the reduction of the amount of material that goes into its packaging. In 2019, PepsiCo PH strengthened its sustainability commitment by sharing its first ever Sustainability Report anchored on three key pillars: Circular Economy, Inclusive Business, and Water Stewardship.

Now, PepsiCo PH will partner with PCEx to reach plastic neutrality. PCEx will provide verified plastic credits and attribute certificates for PepsiCo PH’s specific requirements to fulfill its road map to go plastic neutral for its Food Business by the end of 2020.

PepsiCo Foundation’s donation to PCEx will be invested in the infrastructure for an efficient plastic waste collection network led by women sari-sari store owners.

Earlier in the year PCEx, together with the City of Manila, and with the support of PepsiCo Foundation, launched the “Aling Tindera” Waste-to-Cash program. The program looks to establish 100 plastic waste collection points led by women sari-sari store owners in all of Manila’s 897 barangays in the next 3 years.

Anne Marie Corominas, PepsiCo Corporate Affairs Head for the Philippines and Asia said: “PepsiCo realizes no single organization or industry can solve the plastic waste challenge on their own. That is why we’re working with PCEx and communities in Manila through the Aling Tindera program to accelerate systemic change and meaningful progress through collaborative, holistic and sustainable solutions in the Philippines.”

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