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PCX Joins PREVENT Waste Alliance

Stemming from its vision of a plastic waste-free world, Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) has been welcomed as an official member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance. Through the membership, PCX aims to contribute to the alliance’s initiatives and learn from fellow members to develop the space further and to provide a comprehensive solution set to solve the plastic pollution crisis.

PREVENT Waste Alliance serves as a platform for exchange and international cooperation. Organizations from the private sector, academia, civil society and public institutions jointly engage for a circular economy, working together for waste prevention, collection, recycling and the increased uptake of secondary resources in low- and middle-income countries. The Alliance focuses on plastic packaging, single-use products, and electrical and electronic equipment.

“The mission, value and initiatives of the PREVENT Waste Alliance go hand-in-hand with the work that we do at PCX. We strongly believe that the strength of the plastic circular economy is through collective action and alignment with various stakeholders. We look forward to not only sharing our work with the rest of the world but also learning from other members of the alliance,” shared Richard De Guzman, PCX Standards and Compliance Manager.

PCX is a member of the working group on plastics, advocating for conserving natural resources and developing a circular economy for plastic to stop pollution from leaking into the world’s oceans. The group’s goals include developing proper recycling and waste collection systems, promoting plastic waste prevention, and bringing forward producer responsibility and sustainable financing mechanisms.

Find more information about PCX’s participation and motivation on the PREVENT Waste Alliance website.

Visit this article on PCX's website here.

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