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PCX Accredits SUEZ Circular Polymer Plastic Recycling Plant as its First Recycled Plastics Processor

The SUEZ Circular Polymer (SCP) plastic recycling plant in Bang Phli, Thailand, has been officially accredited by Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX). The plant is the first processor in Thailand to be recognized by PCX.

SUEZ, a world leader in environmental services, is committed to preserving natural capital, building a more sustainable future, and contributing to the Kingdom’s ambitious target of 100% plastic recycling by 2030.

The SUEZ plant converts 30,000 tonnes of locally-sourced plastic low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging waste into high-quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics replacing fossil resources to produce films and bags for the industry. SCP, of which operations started in 2020, is designed to achieve one of the highest water reuse rates for recycling plants in the country and helps avoid 35,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Inside the SUEZ Circular Polymer plant.

The SCP plant has been recognized as a PCX-accredited processor on the basis of an independent assessment conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, confirming SUEZ’s operations are in compliance with PCX’s Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard, which provides a framework for the implementation of a credible and verifiable plastic offsetting program.

“The plastic pollution crisis is a global problem that requires a global solution. Expanding it to partners outside of the Philippines not only means we are expanding our impact footprint but also helping Thailand achieve its goal of 100% recycling by 2030. We look forward to SUEZ’s contribution to the innovation needed in this space and are excited to see operations begin this month,” said PCX Standards and Compliance Manager Richard De Guzman.

“PCX certification recognizes our commitment to offer concrete and reliable solutions for the recycling of plastic waste, in line with the SUEZ Shaping 2030 strategy to help build a sustainable environment. By partnering with SCP for their plastic waste, our clients can effectively deliver on their plastic reduction roadmap,” said Stephane Heddesheimer, CEO of SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Asia.

About SUEZ

Since the end of the 19th century, SUEZ has built expertise aimed at helping people to constantly improve their quality of life by protecting their health and supporting economic growth. With an active presence on five continents, SUEZ and its 90,000 employees strive to preserve our environment’s natural capital: water, soil, and air. SUEZ provides innovative and resilient solutions in water management, waste recovery, site remediation and air treatment, optimising municipalities’ and industries’ resource management through “smart” cities and improving their environmental and economic performance. The Group delivers sanitation services to 64 million people and produces 7.1 billion m3 of drinking water. SUEZ is also a contributor to economic growth, with more than 200,000 jobs created directly and indirectly on an annual basis, and a provider of new resources, with 4.2 million tonnes of secondary raw materials produced. By 2030, the Group is targeting 100% sustainable solutions, with a positive impact on our environment, health and climate. SUEZ generated total revenue of €18.0 billion in 2019.

About SUEZ Asia

With a strong presence of 60+ years in South East Asia and 40+ years in Greater China, SUEZ is a preferred partner in helping authorities and industrial clients develop water and waste management solutions that enable cities and industries to optimize their resource management and strengthen their environment and economic performances. With 9,000+ employees and 70+ joint ventures with local partners, the Group has built 600+ water and wastewater plants, with 32+ million people benefiting from our water and waste services. Today, SUEZ is recognized as one of the most influential companies and a service benchmark in leading the region’s environmental industry. We operate China’s first PPP water contract in Macau, one of Asia’s largest hazardous waste treatment facilities in Shanghai, as well as a plastic recycling plant in Thailand. It is also a leader in Hong Kong’s waste management industry and delivers environmental services to 21 industrial parks.

Find out more about SUEZ Asia at their website

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