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Mondelez Philippines and Plastic Credit Exchange Launch Partnership

Well-loved snack maker Mondelez Philippines advocates for Sustainable Snacking. The Company aims to reduce packaging material globally by 65,000 tons within 2020 by optimizing its packaging formats. It also aims to redesign 100% of its packaging to be recycle-ready and labelled with recycling information by 2025. Furthermore, it enters into multi-stakeholder collaborations to tackle plastic waste and improve recycling rates.

To support these goals, and alongside the continuous reduction of Mondelez Philippines’ use of water, energy, and carbon emissions, the company has partnered with the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) locally to collect and recycle post-consumer plastic packaging.

“We’re producing our snacks with less energy, water and waste; and sourcing our ingredients more sustainably,” said Asish Pisharodi (Country Director of Mondelez Philippines) in an interview in February 2020. Image courtesy of Mondelez Philippines.

This year, Mondelez Philippines has pledged to recycle 130,000 kilograms (130 metric tons) through PCEx’s offsetting operations to help stop the flow of plastic litter into the ocean. Following this, the Company looks to ramp up and accelerate its collection efforts further to meet its sustainability commitments.

“We understand that reducing the environmental impact of packaging and tackling plastic waste are urgent goals at Mondelez Philippines,” said Nanette Medved-Po, founder at PCEx. “It is only right that companies prioritize reducing their packaging material. For any plastic that remains, we intend to make sure that it is responsibly collected and processed so that it doesn’t wind up leaking into nature.”

“We use a number of flexible plastic films which are safe, light and durable, and which significantly reduce our overall carbon footprint, enable food safety and decrease food waste,” explains Joseph Fabul, CGA Country Manager of Mondelez Philippines. “However, these materials are not fully recyclable yet; recycling infrastructure is lacking and collection levels are low. That’s why we are advancing partnerships such as those with PCEx to ensure that plastic waste of all kinds are collected and processed.”

In 2019 Mondelez Philippines launched its Recycled Play Areas, which are playgrounds with slides, benches, and sheds which have been built using upcycled plastics. This project has recycled 990 kilograms of plastic so far. Image courtesy of Mondelez Philippines.

In 2019, Mondelez Philippines also launched a plastic collection drive based in public schools. Students and parents were encouraged to collect used plastics, which were then turned into four Recycled Play Areas, recycling nearly 1 metric ton of plastic litter.

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