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Megaworld Corporation Launches Plastic Waste Collection Program in Partnership with PCEx

Eastwood City Estates Association (ECEA), the Philippines’ first fully integrated township concept pioneered by Megaworld Corporation, has launched Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx)’s Plastic Waste Collection Program in its community. The program seeks to encourage its residential, commercial, and business units to be more mindful of their plastic use and dispose of their plastic waste in a responsible manner.

All members of the ECEA community may drop off their empty, clean, and dry plastic waste at the Plastic Collection Station located behind Robinson’s Supermarket Eastwood City (near the ECEA office).

Most types of plastic waste generated in households and retailers will be accepted, provided they have been cleaned and dried: PET (water bottles, condiment jars), HDPE (toys, shampoo bottles), LDPE (sando bags, garbage bags), PP (food containers, yogurt tubs), and PS (plastic cutlery, CD cases). PVC will not be accepted.

Most household and retail waste will be accepted at the ECEA Plastic Collection Booth.

Suitable plastic waste types will be sent to vetted partners and recycled into new useful products. The rest will be used as an alternative fuel to coal in cement co-processing; i.e. the use of suitable waste materials for the purpose of energy and resource recovery and resultant reduction in the use of non-renewable resources. Co-processing is recognized by the UNEP as the environmentally preferred option for managing end-of-life plastics.

“We are glad to partner with Eastwood City Estates Association in our shared vision of sustainable living in urban communities. Being present in a township like Eastwood City provides more avenues for the community to make responsible decisions that ultimately help prevent plastic waste from going into waterways and oceans.” said Richard de Guzman, PCEx Sustainable Community Development Manager.

In 2019, Megaworld leveled up ECEA by committing to more sustainable development in the coming years. Megaworld announced that it would make ECEA, along with all its other townships, fully reliant on renewable energy sources. The Plastic Waste Collection Program will complement these efforts to enhance the green and sustainable features of ECEA looking forward.

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