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Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Quaker Among PepsiCo Snacks Now Certified Plastic Neutral

Rooted in its mission to foster a more sustainable planet for the next generation, PepsiCo Philippines – Foods business has achieved a milestone by successfully offsetting its entire verified plastic footprint for 2020, along with a commitment to being plastic neutral for future years. All of PepsiCo’s foods brands in the Philippines are now officially Certified Plastic Neutral: Tostitos, Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Dip, Ruffles, Smartfood, Munchies, Rold Gold, Fritos, Red Rock, Sun Chips, Funyuns, and Quaker.

“At PepsiCo, our vision includes embedding purpose in all aspects of our business strategy and brands, while keeping our commitment to do good for the planet and our communities. Going plastic neutral for our foods brands in the Philippines means we have succeeded in collecting and eliminating the amount of plastic equivalent to what was generated from our packaging. In addition to taking responsibility for our footprint, we are supporting a movement that reduces plastic waste and builds an inclusive circular economy,” said Anne Marie Corominas, PepsiCo Corporate Affairs Head for PepsiCo Philippines, and North & Southeast Asia.

Through the PepsiCo Foundation, the company has also supported PCX’s Aling Tindera waste-to-cash program by providing manual balers, weighing scales, and shredders for all the collection points within the City of Manila. The tools given by the PepsiCo Foundation allow partner Aling Tinderas and communities to collect and properly store their plastic waste before hauling and transporting it to PCX’s processing partners.

Commending the industry leader for its milestone, PCX founder Nanette Medved-Po said, “PepsiCo has been a key partner of PCX since 2020. We want to congratulate them for not only taking bold action to stop over 900,000 kg of plastic waste from leaking into the environment, but also for supporting livelihood opportunities for women and encouraging behavior change towards a more circular economy in communities.”

To date, PCX has diverted over 20 million kilograms of plastic waste away from nature, thanks to its committed partners like PepsiCo Philippines – Foods. Anchored in its Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard, PCX continues to underscore the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling any plastic waste that can be removed from a company’s operations and refraining from using plastic offsets as a license to pollute. In its journey towards a more circular economy, PCX continuously seeks out the best available technologies to divert plastic waste away from nature.

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