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Kuehne+Nagel Philippines Builds on Sustainability Commitment with Plastic Credit Exchange

Kuehne+Nagel Philippines has reached an agreement with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) to offset its plastic waste for the year 2021, with a view to go Plastic Neutral in the near future. The leading logistics provider forecasted the total plastic it would produce in its operations and will obtain from PCX the equivalent plastic credits to neutralize the waste.

In 2020, Kuehne+Nagel Philippines launched a “zero plastics” campaign to identify plastic items which they could eliminate from their workplace. They stopped purchasing and using plastic bottles, plates, cups, and straws, reducing their plastic footprint in the process. What they cannot reduce, they will offset with PCX.

“Logistics, along with collection, form a strong key to the plastic pollution solution. We are glad to have Kuehne+Nagel Philippines as a strategic partner in this space,” said Richard De Guzman, PCX Standards and Compliance Manager.

The partnership with PCX is meant to significantly accelerate Kuehne+Nagel’s sustainability drive in the Philippines. Efforts to offset its plastic waste with PCX include post-consumer plastic collection, pick-up, delivery, and recycling. To increase awareness among its colleagues, Kuehne+Nagel will also launch learning sessions for its employees.

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