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Datu Puti Products Now Certified Plastic Neutral

Working towards a more sustainable future, the country’s leading condiments manufacturer and distributor, NutriAsia, announced this week that the entire Datu Puti product line is now certified plastic neutral.

After calculating and pledging to offset all of its plastic footprint from Datu Puti bottles, bottle caps, cap seals, and stand-up pouches, NutriAsia has enabled the removal of almost 6,000,000kg of plastic waste away from landfills and the environment. This bold commitment joins NutriAsia’s sustainable projects like Datu Puti’s Jumbohalang Tambalan, DENR’s RefillRevolution, and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bote).

“Through the partnership that we have with PCX, Datu Puti is now proudly plastic neutral. It is through taking measured, consistent steps such as these together that we will attain our collective goal of securing a better Filipino nation for our people,” said James Lim, NutriAsia’s Corporate Marketing and Communications Head.

Certified Plastic Neutral Dati Puti Products

Announcing their certification and the company’s sustainability goals, Chief Operating Officer and President of NutriAsia Angie Flaminiano shared her message saying, “Our sustainability goals cannot be achieved by technology, politics, or financial instruments alone. We need to change the way we think and act, and we need to do it together.”

“As a proudly Filipino company, NutriAsia has always been a steadfast partner in nation-building efforts. Beyond the delicious flavors we provide, it is also part of our commitment to ensure a more Masarap, Masaya way of living for every Filipino,” continued Flaminiano.

PCX Founder and Chairwoman, Nanette Medved-Po, congratulates the company saying, “Thank you NutriAsia for making a bold commitment towards solving the country’s plastic pollution crisis. As a staple in every Filipino kitchen, your commitment sends a strong signal that NutriAsia truly cares not only for people but also the planet.”

Datu Puti is NutriAsia’s first Plastic Neutral Certified Brand, paving the way for other brands to join the movement and progress towards a more Masarap, Masaya future.

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