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Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Drives Sustainability Strategy Through Partnership with PCX

Anchored on its promise to create a healthy and sustainable future for millions of consumers, maker of leading oral and personal care products Colgate-Palmolive Philippines has partnered with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) to localize their strategy towards eliminating plastic waste.

In a virtual ceremony held Thursday, 18 March 2021, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed by both companies for the establishment of another Aling Tindera collection station in Metro Manila. This is the second plastic collection infrastructure Colgate-Palmolive Philippines has sponsored, the first being a Plastic Waste Collection Booth launched last January in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong.

Whereas the Aling Tindera collection station forms part of a PCX program aimed at increasing the income of women micro-entrepreneurs, the plastic waste collection booth is a separate initiative promoting responsible plastic disposal among nearby shoppers, retailers and residents. Colgate-Palmolive Philippines’ support has provided the collection infrastructure for each location, which includes a 10-20 ft. container, a manual baler, and a weighing scale. The company also donated hand sanitizers for the larger Aling Tindera Network to ensure those doing their part to clean the environment would also keep their hands clean.

Within a month of launching, the Colgate-Palmolive station in SM Megamall collected over 500 kilograms of plastic waste from shoppers, retailers, and residents nearby.

At the virtual signing, Colgate-Palmolive Philippines President & General Manager Arvind Sachdev shared, “Colgate-Palmolive has always had a strong commitment to sustainability and we have embedded it throughout our organization. Now, it is part of how we operate every day and we continue to invest in this vital area.” On supporting PCX’s plastic collection programs, he added, “It helps in our commitment to take a leadership role in tackling the plastic waste challenge, that plastic wastes are properly collected, repurposed into new useful products or co-processed into other alternative resource so that they don’t end up in the ocean or landfills.”

PCX Founder & Chairwoman Nanette Medved-Po said, “We have always known we could not tackle the plastic problem alone, so it is fantastic to work in tandem with all of our partners and our Aling Tindera Network, who have answered the call to launch sustainable grassroots innovations with us. The Plastic Credit Exchange remains focused on creating plastic waste collection infrastructure that empowers communities and individuals to be part of the solution, so we are excited to have Colgate-Palmolive’s support in growing and sustaining this effort.”

Also present at the ceremony was Joanna Mae Norcio, Acting Division Chief of the Operations Division at the Department of Public Services. She acknowledged PCX and Colgate-Palmolive for helping to manage plastic waste in the city despite the threat of the pandemic.

Nanette Medved-Po and Arvind Sachdev sign the Aling Tindera MOA at the virtual launch ceremony

In addition to sponsoring an initial 2 plastic collection stations through PCX, Colgate-Palmolive Philippines will also be purchasing plastic credits to stop 1000 tonnes of plastic from leaking into nature. This is meant to complement their efforts of moving into recycle-ready packaging, starting with Palmolive sachets and cartons. All these efforts form part of the company’s broader target to design and deliver zero plastic waste solutions for all of its products by 2025.

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