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Circular Economy Consulting and EPR Compliance

PCX recently launched its circular economy consultancy arm, PCX Solutions, which provides advisory services and tools for companies to enhance corporate plastic stewardship in their journey towards Net Zero Plastic Waste and regulatory compliance.

“We help companies identify tangible action in their value chains, understand the risk and opportunities involved, and how they can take responsibility for the plastic waste they cannot yet eliminate,” says Vincent Kneefel, Managing Director of PCX Solutions.

Companies can start their journey by mapping their plastic footprint and estimating their leakage with the help of PCX’s Plastic Footprint Calculator, coupled with insights on data collection through the use of leading tools. PCX can then help set or reassess clear goals toward a Circular Economy for plastics and develop a tangible roadmap.

For businesses looking to explore improving waste management infrastructure or gain a better understanding of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), PCX Solutions can provide critical insights to ensure compliance.

“PCX is committed to crafting comprehensive solution sets that reference global best practices,” says Nanette Medved-Po, PCX’s Founder and Executive Chair. “With legislation emerging around the world, we strive not only to facilitate compliance, but to go beyond to enable other important areas of impact while we aim for a future where no plastic waste winds up in nature.”

Visit this article on PCX's website here.

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