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Century Pacific Pledges Plastic Neutrality Across its Entire Packaged Goods Portfolio

Setting yet another milestone in its environmental, social, and governance efforts (ESG), Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF) has reported that all brands in its portfolio using plastic packaging would now be pursuing Plastic Neutral Brand Certification via Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx).

By the end of 2020, CNPF brands including Century Tuna, Argentina, 555, Swift, Hunt’s, Coco Mama, Wow, Home Pride, Angel, and Fresca will have offset their plastic footprint for the previous year, with a commitment to continuously offset in the future.

CNPF’s milk brand Birch Tree in September announced ahead of the pack that it would be making its entire product portfolio plastic neutral. Like Birch Tree, the family of CNPF brands has opted for environmental transparency. Third party auditors will verify their plastic footprint against their purchased plastic offsets to ensure that both CNPF and PCEx adhere to the principles detailed on the Plastic Neutral Pact, the first open standard for plastic neutrality released by PCEx earlier in the year.

Photo courtesy of CPFI. CPFI’s partnership with PCEx will allow the top consumer group to conduct its business in a more sustainable way.

It was in 2019 that CNPF had set a goal to manage its post-consumer plastic waste, and first partnered with PCEx to recover plastic waste equivalent to its footprint. This was done in line with their overarching ESG strategy.

CNPF was subsequently awarded for having the “Best ESG” in the Philippines at the Institutional Investor’s All Asia Executive Team 2020 rankings, and continues to accelerate their environmental preservation efforts.

Century Pacific Food, Inc. COO Greg Banzon shared, “Paulo Coelho once aptly said “The World is changed by your example, not by your opinion”. It is in this spirit that CNPF takes action in actively pursuing sustainability initiatives foremost of which is Plastic Neutrality. Our partnership with PCEx is one of the key enablers to achieving this goal. Given the leadership positions our core brands hold in the large and growing categories we participate in, offsetting our plastic footprint is seen as having an impact and relevance on the environment. We hope more companies take on this challenge.”

PCEx Marketing and Strategy Director Oliver Sicam said, “We continuously encourage our partners to reduce plastic usage and give them a simple way to responsibly offset their remaining plastic waste to achieve plastic neutral status. By becoming Plastic Neutral Certified, CNPF will get to provide consumers with more sustainable options, giving them them the opportunity to choose a better future for the planet”.

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