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All the PPRS Updates You Need to Know

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) was the first in the world to release a Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard (PPRS) in March 2020 and continues to lead with the release of the seventh version. This version is presented in a new, modularized format, making it easier to navigate and use. Key updates are as follows:

Net Zero Plastic Waste language

The term “Net Zero Plastic Waste” is introduced in lieu of “Plastic Neutral” in order to accurately describe a Brand Partner’s Commitment or Certification status and is intended to address the concerns surrounding “plastic neutrality.” This language also indicates an aspirational long-term goal that companies aim to achieve along with their comprehensive solutions, with offsetting comprising only a part of that roadmap.

Plastic Avoidance Credits

Next, “Plastic Avoidance Credits” are now introduced to support the operation of projects that provide options to avoid the use of plastics in the purchasing of products or conducting of services. This aims to encourage more projects to journey towards the avoidance of plastics entirely. On the other hand, Plastic Offsetting Credits are further categorized according to the credit generating activity. For both types of credit, one (1) Plastic Avoidance Credit or one (1) Plastic Offsetting Credit are still equivalent to one (1) metric ton of plastic waste.

Project Additionality

The Additionality of Projects is given emphasis and expounded on in Module 3 to align with the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF’s) position on plastic crediting and plastic neutrality, which defines additionality as an “emissions-reducing activity for which the credit is given would not have occurred in the absence of the crediting mechanism but instead clearly occurred in response to (and after the development) of a crediting mechanism.”

Thus, the PPRS introduces two additional categories in the classification of additionality, namely the high mismanagement of waste and the introduction of plastic back into the circular economy.

Inclusion of PPRS Governance

Lastly, PPRS Governance is added as Module 6 to demonstrate PCX’s continued commitment to Transparency, Integrity, Traceability, Relevance and Continuous Improvement.

Review the full document here.

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