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Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash Program Expands to Marilao, Bulacan

Months after launching its first waste collection station in Marilao through SM Cares, Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) is proud to announce the expansion of its Aling Tindera waste-to-cash program with the municipality of Marilao, providing more opportunities for the community to address its plastic waste problem.

The partnership was inked last February 7, 2022, by the Mayor of Marilao, Ricardo M. Silvestre, and PCX Impact Director, Ilusion Farias.

Marilao’s local government has been working hard to roll out projects that protect the environment, as evidenced by its nature park called Liwasang Pangkalikasan ng Marilao, which houses one of the country’s biggest Material Recovery Facilities. Integrating the Aling Tindera waste-to-cash program into its current system is part of its efforts to make waste management more accessible to its residents.

“It’s a thrill to be working with people who are just as passionate about reducing the amount of waste ending up in nature,” says Farias.

Marilao’s Liwasang Pangkalikasan located in Barangay Prenza I

With the goal of incentivizing communities to participate in waste management, Aling Tindera engages women micro-entrepreneurs to manage stations that serve as collection points where post-consumer plastic waste is exchanged for cash. This allows the program to efficiently aggregate, store, and transport the waste to the appropriate processing facilities.

Aside from providing incremental income to these micro-entrepreneurs, PCX hopes to elevate the municipality’s Solid Waste Management facility and system by diverting plastic waste away from landfills.

Aling Tindera forms part of PCX’s broader plastic clean-up mechanism enabling businesses to join the fight against plastic pollution. To date, PCX has diverted over 31,388,950 million kilograms of plastic waste away from the environment.

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