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Aling Tindera Program Expands to Cebu

PCX partnered with The Archdiocese of Cebu to launch the first

Aling Tindera collection station in the province.

More Cebuanos can soon join the movement against plastic pollution following the partnership between Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) and the Archdiocese of Cebu, which was inked last March 7, 2022. The partnership will launch the region’s very first Aling Tindera station at the Sacred Heart Parish in Cebu City.

“We want to build a network and expand it nationwide. We’re very excited to be launching this in Cebu and we can’t think of a better partner to have than the Archdiocese,” said PCX Impact Director, Ilusion Farias, during the virtual contract signing. “Our network is growing and gaining traction, and we hope to bring the same impact to Cebu.”

Cebu’s premier Aling Tindera station forms the Laudato Si’ Plastic Ark project implemented by the Archdiocese to address the area’s plastic waste and engage people in responsible waste management. “We are looking forward to this because the residents, especially the parishioners, will learn to value even the tiniest plastic in their household,” shared Fr. Murphy Sarsonas, chairperson of The Archdiocesan Commission on Environmental Concerns.

“The challenge is to make something beautiful out of waste,” said Archbishop of Cebu, Most Reverend Jose S. Palma. “ We are glad that this project will be serviceable to the income of the partner store owners.” To date, the Aling Tindera program has generated an average income increase of 63%.

Aling Tindera is PCX’s proprietary waste-to-cash program that encourages individuals to participate in the fight against plastic pollution. Inspired by the presence of multiple sari-sari stores or small community stores, all Aling Tindera stations are managed and maintained by women entrepreneurs, enabling them to be champions of sustainability in their areas.

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