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2022: Impact in Action!

2022 has been a momentous year for the movement to end the plastic pollution crisis. From the UNEP Passing the Plastic Pollution Resolution in Nairobi in March to the passing of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation in the Philippines in July. Several strides have been made from across the globe towards enacting informed, timely, sustained, positive impact.

We at PCX have been encouraged by these global developments to expand and enhance public-private collaborations across the world and ensure that the solutions developed are scaled to positively impact more people. To date, PCX has been able to facilitate the diversion of 38,610,000 kg of post-consumer plastic away from the environment. PCX has broadened our network through multiple partnerships and participation in multiple community-based initiatives toward a shared purpose.

These advancements create the pathways needed to enter 2023 with hope and purpose as PCX endeavors to help to end the plastic pollution crisis with a growing team and dedicated partners. Below are just a few of the highlights that speak to the work and our mission.

Highlights and Achievements

Game-Changing Solutions

PCX Founder Nanette Medved-Po Receives Prestigious 2022 Asia Game Changer Award Nanette Medved-Po, the founder of HOPE and PCX, was recently awarded as part of The Asia Society’s roster of game-changing individuals that have demonstrated inspiring leadership and impact.

PCX is included in Fast Company’s Best World Changing Ideas 2022 PCX is humbled to be an honoree of Fast Company's Best World Changing Idea APAC category as part of its 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards!

Forbes Asia states: “PCX is Delivering An Innovative Solution to the Plastic Waste Crisis” In 2019, from one of the epicenters of the worldwide plastic crisis, Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) emerged to be the world’s first non-profit, fully integrated, and blockchain-protected plastic offset program.

Express Support for PCX’s Partner Program Aling Tindera PCX project partner HOPE welcomed representatives from the United States congress last August 18, 2022, during a delegation visit to the Philippines.

PCX Milestones

Singapore-based PCX Markets has launched a commercial plastic credit marketplace, bringing together partners from around the world on a mission to stop the flow of plastic waste into nature. Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) was the first in the world to release a Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard (PPRS) in March 2020 and continues to lead with the release of the seventh version. “As companies who are committed to taking responsibility for 100% of our plastic footprint, and as partners of PCX, we welcome the passing of this critical EPR legislation which will pave the way for a better Philippines.”


With the goal of amplifying positive impact across the world, PCX has partnered with waste management company ReCircle to release their plastic credits on PCX Markets. In addition, PCX Markets released its first Verra-certified plastic credits through a partnership with global social enterprise Second Life. With the shared objective of providing more opportunities for companies to contribute to positive change, PCX partnered with HOPE to generate the ‘SDG Gold Credit.’

Network Expansion

In an effort to continuously learn and adopt industry best practices as well as contribute our own growing expertise, Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) has recently become a member of the International Solid Waste Management Association (ISWA), granting access to and active participation in a network of sustainability experts and practitioners around the world. To strengthen its ties within Asia, PCX has joined The Incubation Network, which consists of 60+ members who are all driving circularity innovation within the region. PCX also recently joined the United Nations’ Waste Wise Cities as an affiliate, becoming part of a global network of organizations with the common goal of bolstering responsible waste management across the world.

Be a Zero Plastic Waste Hero

This year, PCX (Plastic Credit Exchange) provided individuals with a unique holiday gift option to reduce their personal plastic footprint by purchasing plastic credits directly and becoming a Zero Plastic Waste Hero. PCX is helping reduce the impact of holiday waste on our planet by cleaning up an equivalent of one year’s worth of personal plastic waste per credit purchased. For an individual in the U.S., the estimated annual plastic waste footprint is 150 kg.

We are grateful for another year full of opportunities to work with several inspiring and deeply committed organizations united and driven by a shared purpose. We are ecstatic about what lies ahead in 2023 as we continue to learn, improve, and amplify our mission to end the global plastic pollution crisis.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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