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Guidelines on Minimum Requirements for Plastic Waste Recovery & Crediting Standards

PCX Solutions has contributed to the “Guidelines on Minimum Requirements for Plastic Waste Recovery & Crediting Standards” as an active member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance. The Alliance is an initiative supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to foster a collaborative platform for a circular economy, bringing together over 500 organizations committed to minimizing waste and maximizing resource reuse.

This publication is a joint effort by 16 plastic waste recovery organizations, all of them operating in developing countries and all of them members of the PREVENT Waste Alliance. These practitioners have gathered with the aim of improving the level of plastic waste recovery services in developing countries, so that ultimately more funds can flow to these services and higher environmental and social impacts can be achieved.

This publication wants to restore trust in the evolving funding mechanism based on Plastic Credits, by requesting all practitioners to adhere to a set of Minimum Requirements presented here or exceed this minimum benchmark. These concerns are what the more rigorous crediting standards have been addressing. This publication also lists the more reliable crediting standards to choose from, including PCX Solutions’ Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard (PPRS), which either exceeds or is at par with the defined requirements in all points.

The main reason to adopt the Minimum Requirements for plastic waste recovery is to ensure that plastic recovery activities result in positive environmental and social outcomes, whilst ensuring that methodologies and approaches are transparent, evidence-based, accessible, and inclusive.

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