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UN Plastic Pollution Treaty

The Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) joins a number of major businesses around the world that have endorsed a manifesto: The Business Call for a UN Plastic Pollution Treaty. The treaty will serve as a means to harmonize the complex landscape of regulatory standards; establish common metrics and methodologies; mandate the development of national targets and action plans; and support innovation and infrastructure development to create a level playing field across the plastics value chain.

According to a business case co-authored by the WWF, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Boston Consulting Group, current approaches of governments are falling short of stemming the leakage of over 11 million tonnes of plastic flowing into the ocean and our ecosystems each year. A coordinated global response is required in the form of a UN Treaty to help drive change at scale.

PCX envisions a world where no plastic waste is leaked into nature and where plastic that remains finds itself back into a circular economy. Recently welcomed into the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, PCX was further encouraged to join The Business Call as a waste management partner.

“It will take a global commitment to deliver real change for our planet. The UN Treaty will be a meaningful step towards ensuring that everyone is participating in the solution. There is no time to waste, let’s be the generation that solves the plastic pollution crisis,” said PCX Founder and Chairwoman, Nanette Medved-Po.

The Business Call for action comes ahead of the second part of the 5th Session of the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA), scheduled on February 2022. The assembly has previously adopted several resolutions recognizing plastic pollution as a global problem.

Join the growing movement of businesses, academics, governments and individuals calling for a UN Treaty to stop plastic pollution at

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