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U.S.-Based Brand Takes Sustainability to the Next Level with Plastic Neutral Certification

Myro, a plant-based and sustainable deodorant, is set to become a certified Plastic Neutral Brand. The manufacturer of the refillable line of deodorants will offset through Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) 100% of its net plastic usage across its entire product portfolio, including all raw materials and packaging.

Sustainability is at the heart of Myro’s mission. Prior to offsetting its plastic footprint, Myro had already developed fully recyclable packaging. Not only is their sleek cylinder packaging made with 50% less plastic than the average deodorant case; to ensure that consumers wouldn’t constantly be generating plastic waste, Myro’s containers are refillable with their unique pod system.

Myro will become a Plastic Neutral Brand through a combination of efficiency measures, product innovation, and through PCX, environmentally sound plastic offsetting operations which also empower Filipino women micro-entrepreneurs to become champions of sustainability in their communities.

Pro-planet: Myro’s refillable cases and recyclable deodorant pods are filled with hardworking, long-lasting plant-powered formulas and no harmful chemicals. (Photo courtesy of Myro)

Greg Laptevsky, founder and CEO of Myro, said, “Plastic waste reduction is core to Myro’s brand mission. We are very excited to partner with PCX and become the world’s first plastic neutral deodorant brand. The credit offset system and network championed by PCX is a true market-based innovation and we believe that it can further support our efforts in tackling a very complex plastic waste issue. We are proud to be PCX’s first US partner and hope to lead by example for others to follow.”

On welcoming the non-profit’s first brand partner from the United States, PCX founder Nanette Medved-Po said, “The voluntary action taken by next generation companies like Myro pave the way towards the kind of responsible consumption that the world so badly needs.”

Companies looking to go plastic neutral have the option to get certified on a product, brand, or company level. They may also opt to jumpstart their sustainability journey simply by purchasing high quality plastic offsets from PCX. A framework for becoming plastic neutral may be found on the PCX Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard, which was updated in March to reflect best practice developments in industry and policy.

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