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Introducing: PCX Solutions

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX), the world’s first non-profit plastic offset program, introduces its consulting arm PCX Solutions, which advises on comprehensive solution sets to address the war on plastic waste. Following through on its vision for a world with zero plastic in nature, PCX Solutions invites companies to take action for the planet and responsibly manage the use of plastic in their operations. Interested partners can now turn to PCX to map out and execute a customized plan to reduce plastic pollution over their short, medium and long term sustainability journeys.

PCX was the first in the world to publish a Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard in March 2020. This Standard provides a framework for the implementation of a credible and verifiable plastic responsibility program. The PPRS, along with our comprehensive approach, constantly evolves to reflect the latest in environmentally responsible management, government policies, and industry best practices.

PCX Solutions may provide plans that include:


With an accredited third-party auditor, PCX Solutions maps out a partner’s plastic footprint using the PCX Plastic Footprint Calculator. The plastic footprint determines a baseline and an understanding of the areas that reduction efforts can address.

Plastic Reduction and Responsibility Plan

Using the audited plastic footprint as a baseline, PCX Solutions creates a Plastic Reduction and Responsibility Plan (PRRP) that is aligned with a company’s goals. The PRRP will help identify which plastic material can be replaced or reduced from supply chains over the short, medium, or long term considering available infrastructure, types of plastic waste, socio-economic benefits, and a company’s sustainability goals.


All reduction initiatives from PRRP activities are documented in an Impact Report which can be used for ESG purposes. PCX provided impact initiatives are 3rd party verified and entered into our blockchain-protected registry, which is available online to the public for transparency and traceability.

“The plastic pollution crisis is complex and requires everyone on board to see real impact. That’s why PCX Solutions offers a broader approach, with a much-needed Plastic Reduction and Responsibility Plan as well as a platform to responsibly manage any plastic that can not yet be removed from supply chains. With this, more brands can participate and take action to benefit both people and planet,” said PCX founder and chairperson Nanette Medved-Po.

For more information about the working PCX Solutions, please send a message to, or schedule a call with our Development team here.

Visit this article on PCX's website here.


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