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HOPE’s Aling Tindera Joins Forces with World Bank on Circularity Study

HOPE’s Aling Tinderaprogram, a project partner of PCX, has recently teamed up with the World Bank to conduct a study on the socioeconomic development aspects of informal waste management in the Philippines. The study has two main objectives: (1) to enrich the understanding of the vulnerabilities informal waste sector workers face, and (2) to assess the livelihood models for such workers.

In a nutshell, HOPE’s Aling Tindera waste-to-cash program will aid the researchers in their data collection by connecting them with the women micro-entrepreneurs on the ground. On top of an extensive data-gathering methodology for quantitative research, a case study approach will be employed to qualitatively analyze select business models or livelihood options that call for a more in-depth review.

“We are looking forward to working with the World Bank on this,” says Ilusion Farias, Managing Director of Friends of HOPE. “By zooming in on key areas, we ourselves gain a clearer picture of what happens on-field. That way, we’re more equipped to help our Aling Tindera partners and see ways we can further boost our social impact.”

PCX’s Founder and Executive Chair, Nanette Medved-Po shares her support for the initiative: “As we look towards countries that increasingly address the plastic crisis through legislation, it is important that governments are armed with the data needed to make good decisions not only to protect vulnerable stakeholder groups but to include them in crafting effective solutions.”

This Philippine study may serve as the benchmark across the globe for improving plastic circularity (and waste management in general), realized through the actions of empowered informal waste sector workers–workers who are often overlooked and cast aside.

Visit this article on PCX's website here.

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